North Coast Discoveries
SCUBA, Snorkel, and Kayaking Adventures along the Beautiful Mendocino Coast of California.
Let's go SCUBA
        Dear Sir or Madam:

Are you ready for the adventure of SCUBA Diving?  Or think you might be?  Welcome!  you've come to the best possible place to explore the possibilities.  Since 1960, Instructor members of the National Association of Underwater Instructors NAUI Worldwide (the most respected certification agency) have been training people just like you to be the best skin and SCUBA Divers in the world, and to have fun!

Since you are ready to go, there are just a few basic requirements.  You should be comfortable in the water, and it's environment.  You should be reasonably fit and in good health.  Review the Medical Evaluation and Physician Approval Form and the Contraindications to Diving.  If necessary, seek a physician to see if you are absolutely at no risk when you choose to dive.

 Portugese Beach Blow Hole.
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